About You Cloud – Backbone


As former Creative Director UI/UX of germanys most innovative online fashion player “About you” I was responsible for the Design and Experience of the Shop itself but also for the digital products which were born out of the personalized and process optimized construct of it.

The project is known as “About You Cloud” and combines the e-commerce infrastructure. The first product was Backbone which is an api based and enterprise ready infrastructure solution. Designed for ambitious eCommerce companies with +100m revenue.

About You Cloud Backbone List.png

To create a user friendly frontend we started to collect all infos we need from the other teams and sorted the features into groups and pages. Most of the features already had “kind of a frontend solution”. Our job was to disassemble everything and put it back together. Only this part tooks about 6 weeks supported by a high-performing and very skilled team. The complexity and the standard to build the best tool out there was very high.

After that we put everything into timelines and roadmaps. We built in under two months mockups and a design system that fits to the requirements and designed the product page-by-page and prototype-by-prototype. Beside that we created a new communication for the tool with a brand unique corporate ID including logo, landingpage and feature video.


Also we needed to implement new processes for a very new project what didn’t fit into our daily business we have known before. So there was an extra SCRUM board with an unique workflow and additional feedback routines. It was the most complex and biggest UX-task we worked with so far, but in the end we launched Backbone perfectly in time.