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I am a freelance UI/UX/Brand Designer
based in Hamburg Chiang Mai.


Dustin Lundt is a german UI Designer and UX Strategist focussed on digital brands. In over 15 years of creative experience he managed to address clients such as RedBull, MTV, Volkswagen, DHL and ABOUT YOU. Besides that, Dustin worked for agencies like TD Reply (Berlin), Contentfleet (Hamburg) and Etribes (Hamburg). His unique way of design thinking and his outstanding designs have been honored with several design awards. Today, Dustin works globally via remote as a digital nomad.

“The Best Designer I’ve worked with at ABOUT YOU.”

Stefan Tobel

former Shop Director - ABOUT YOU


“Cooperation at the Highest Level.”

Stefan Luther

Managing Director - Etribes


“Obsessed with Quality and Detail and very Reliable in Execution.”

Schirin Chavand

Head of Advertising Solutions & Content - About You


Let’s make your Project Damn Good.


I can help you with:

  • Product Innovation

  • Solving UX Problems

  • Increasing Conversions

  • Digital Branding

  • Interface Design

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  • More: Highest demands in the design of your product? I’m your guy.

Contact me today:

Thai Phone +66 9232 5857 2
German Phone: +49 151 5856 5994