They said I could

become anything.

So I started to be creative.


Dustin Lundt is a german UI Designer and UX Strategist focussed on digital brands. In over 15 years of creative experience he managed to address clients such as RedBull, MTV, Volkswagen, DHL and ABOUT YOU. Besides that, Dustin worked for agencies like TD Reply (Berlin), Contentfleet (Hamburg) and Hotcake (Hamburg). His unique way of design thinking and his outstanding designs have been honored with several design awards. Today he is working as Head of Design & User Experience at Etribes in Hamburg.

“The Best Designer I’ve worked with at ABOUT YOU.”

Stefan Tobel

former Shop Director - ABOUT YOU


You want to work with me?


Currently I am leading the Design & User Experience Team at Etribes – one of the strongest digital consulting networks in Germany. If you are a client you should check out Etribes! If you are a Designer (UI or UX): See the job list.