About You – Shop


In 3,5 years leading the UI/UX team at About You I built 3 shop versions for the Germany’s fastest growing fashion online player. Also I started at a time where the first mobile product of the shop has been developed and designed the app from it’s birth hour. In 2018 – only 4 years after the foundation – About You reached a company value of 1 billion US Dollars and is now Hamburgs first “Unicorn”.


The shop of About You is known for a very personalized sorting of products and content. So our daily business was to drive personalized features to perfection in a smart UX strategy and a clear interface design. This included: personal feeds, sorting, recommendations, different landingpages for different target groups, smart content modulation and much much more. To put the cherry on the pie we changed the logo to the users name.

About You still stands for one of the most efficient and personalized shops including a great performance and a very good user experience. Especially the mobile app has been honored with lots of awards (eg. best mobile player in e-commerce in several years) and was on top 1 position of all apps in Apples iOS AppStore.


Interim (1 year) I also was responsible of the graphics for the content creation and the fashion shootings including the first sport studio shooting and the sport season shooting. In this time my team and me took care of the design of the very first About You Awards, which was one of the earliest Fashion-Influencer Awards with 250 Influencers. During this 2 hour show which was live broadcasted on facebook, the company had more than 3 million viewer and 172 million media contacts.

Also you can have a look on the About You Cloud with its first digital product called Backbone, what my Team designed (UI&UX).