About You Awards


The fashion online player About You scaled the influencer marketing very early and has contracts with Lena Gercke, Eva Padberg, Die Lochis, Farina Opuku and many more. To get new media contacts and to push the influencers on a whole new level, About You created the About You Awards back in 2017 (which my team designed from ground zero).

After the first show was created by a team of About You itself (also the design and identity was created in the team I led in this time), the show of 2018 was much bigger and supported by Pro7. The 2 hour show has been broadcasted on Pro7 as well.


Before and during the show the landingpage of the award show was a platform for voting and live-streaming. So we implemented an intuitive voting system for several categories on this onepager and also reserved some space for the videos.